Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is a professional and academic discipline whose activity consists of presenting visual communication intended to convey messages to social groups with specific objectives, including text and graphics to communicate visually. Hence, graphing is an interdisciplinary branch of the proper interpretation of design. The graphic designer work on interpreting, organizing, and presenting visual messages. In general, the graphic design uses the aesthetics of typography and the structural arrangement of text, decoration, and imagery to convey ideas, feelings, and attitudes that only language can express.

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Web design without creative elements is meaningless. Blending innovation and creativity is our main focus. Thus, we never deviate from our path and continue to create creative web designs.

Functional yet elegant

Our focus is to create a highly functional and beautiful design to help you achieve your business goals. Our website design is capable and powerful to meet your business objective.


While designing a website we focus on maintaining uniformity in all aspects. Every image and banner designed by our designers will suit your content and goals.

Unique, fresh, and customizable

Our web design has some unique and distinctive elements that can set you apart from your competitors. So, you can rely on our fresh and improved web design to take on your competitors.

Very innovative

While designing a website we focus on maintaining uniformity in all aspects. Every image and banner designed by our designers will suit your content and goals.

Publication graphic design

Publication design is the classic type of design that is used in books, newspapers, magazines, and catalogs. However, recently digital publishing has grown significantly.

Art and illustration examples for graphic design.

⦁ T-shirt design
⦁ Graphic patterns for textiles
⦁ Motion graphics
⦁ Stock images
⦁ Graphic novels
⦁ Video games
⦁ Album art

We offer custom branding services

We design custom graphics to get your audience more interested in your business and attract more followers to follow you on social media. This era of convention highlights the fact that people like to mingle with the most exclusive and unusual things. Our professionals take the initiative and dedicate themselves to designing custom images, logos, and various branding visuals for your brand to spread awareness about your brand or promote your services all over the world.

Motion graphic design

“Motion Graphics Designer” is a somewhat new feature for designers. Officially reserved for TV and film, technological advances have condensed production time and costs, making the art form more reachable and affordable. Now, motion graphics is one of the most advanced forms of design and can be found on all digital platforms, which has created all kinds of new fields and opportunities.

Graphic Design ROI

Graphic design plays a huge role to compete in today’s competitive business environment.
These days it has become mandatory for brands to hire graphic designers to represent an impressive marketing image. There are many types of graphics that you can use to build your visual identity. We offer incredible graphics services to brands that help them visually stand out from their competitors and establish a great reputation.

Pictorial Identity Graphic Design

A brand is an association between an organization and its viewers. Brand identity is how an organization communicates its personality, tone, and essence, as well as memories, emotions, and experiences. Graphic design for visual identity is exactly that: the visual elements of a brand identity that act as the face of the brand to express these intangible attributes through images, shapes, and color.

There are basic types of graphic design:

Packaging graphic design

Packaging designers create concepts, create mockups, and create print-ready files for a product. This requires expert knowledge of print processes and a deep understanding of industrial design and manufacturing. Because packaging design touches so many areas, it's not unusual for designers to find themselves creating other assets for a product, such as photography, illustration, and visual identity

Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design

When most people think of graphic design, they think of a design for marketing and advertising. Companies rely on successful marketing efforts to capture the decision-making process of their target audience. Great marketing connects people to a product, service, or brand based on their wants, needs, awareness, and satisfaction.

User Interface Graphic Design

UI includes everything the user interacts with the screen, keyboard, and mouse but in the context of graphic design, UI design is the design of the user's visual experience and on-screen graphic elements such as buttons, and menus, which focus on micro-interactions, and more. Balancing aesthetic appeal with technical functionality is the job of a UI designer

Environmental graphic design

Environmental graphic design visually connects people to places to make them more memorable, interesting, informative, or easy to navigate, improving their overall experience. Environmental design is a wide variety of designs, here are some examples:

Stack Overflow

What matters in design is the correct use of typography, appropriate imagery, and layout of content. These are the basis of many features that our graphic designers consider when designing the visual representation of your brands. To create the best corporate identity for your brands, our creations combine an innovative technique to present your brand in the most unique way possible worldwide, be it in the UK, USA, Australia, or the world.
The visual identities that our company offers help your brands optimize their marketing efforts across all platforms and provide a powerful key to presenting your brand as professional and authentic.
Along with graphic designing services, Atomization helps your brand stay consistent across your marketing collateral and maintains your brand’s corporate identity so that your customers can easily recognize it. Help define what your company offers and what message you want to convey to your audience.
JH Maven is a graphic design company and we believe in providing your brand with a strong visual establishment to give assurance in its offerings and expertise. Allows you to connect and maintain a strong relationship with your customers.

Art and illustration for graphic design

Graphic art and illustration are often seen as the same thing as graphic design; however, they are each very different. Their art takes many forms, from fine art to decoration, from illustration to storytelling.
Although graphic art and illustration are not technically types of graphic design, there is so much created for commercial use in the context of graphic design that you can’t talk about one without the others.

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