What is web development?

Web development generally refers to tasks associated with developing websites for intranet or internet hosting. In the broadest sense, web development includes all operations, updates, and operations required to create, maintain and manage a website to ensure optimal website performance, user experience, and speed.
It may also include all the strategic steps needed to ensure its proper ranking on search engine results. Usually, those jobs are related to different skills, namely, search engine optimization (SEO).
Web development is also known as website development, while professionals who maintain websites are called web developers or web development. Websites are files stored on servers, which are the computers that host websites. These servers are connected to a larger network known as the Internet. Browsers are computer programs that load websites through your Internet connection, such as Google Chrome.

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Web Development Services

JH Maven is a website development company that develop websites or web application. If you also need any of them, JH Maven is the right partner for you.

Prototyping and UI/UX design

Our skilled engineers create interactive prototyping and usability testing to ensure a project with a pleasant user experience. Hire professional UI/UX designers to create meaningful interfaces that make users feel comfortable using your platform.

Full stack development

We have a team of full-stack developers specializing in MEAN and MERN stacks. You can also have separate front-end and back-end development teams. Get full stack development on MEAN, MERN, PHP + Vue.js, .Net + JS.

Custom website development

We design and develop customized web solutions to effectively connect our clients with their customers. Let’s build feature-rich, highly functional, robust, secure, and scalable custom web solutions as well as UI/UX design that enhances your brand

Upgrades and migrations

Our team of web developers and designers specializes in developing solutions using the latest technologies. Whether you’re looking to upgrade old web technology or migrate to a new CMS, we have skilled web developers and designers to make the transition smooth.

How to Outsource Web Development with JH Maven Works?

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Our company offers various working models that will fit any business from startup to enterprise. You can get a ready-to-go team for Web Development for Website, Ecommerce, Application or a Portal. If you feel like having your own dedicated web development team, our staff augmentation services is available.

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Schedule a meeting with our team to discuss your project ideas and needs with our team.

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Our team then works according to your needs and identifies web solutions and technologies that will be suitable and applicable to your needs.

Project launch

Our team launches your project after testing and provides ongoing support to maintain your project if needed.

Types of Web Development

Whether you want to hire a web developer or become one, you should understand the different types of web development that a web developer can specialize in. These different types of web development refer to the different career fields that web developers can work in.

Front End Development

Front-end developers work on behalf of the client or user of websites, programs, and software - in other words, what users see. They design and develop visual aspects, including layout, navigation, graphics, and other aesthetics.

Back-end development

Back-end web developers work on websites, programs, and software servers to make sure everything works properly behind the scenes.
These developers work with systems such as servers, operating systems, APIs, and databases and manage code for security, content, and site architecture.

Desktop Development

Desktop developers specialize in creating software applications that run locally on your device rather than over the Internet in a web browser.

Mobile Development

Mobile apps work very differently than other websites and software programs, thus requiring different development skills and knowledge of specialized programming languages.

Development of security

Security developers typically act as ethical hackers, attempting to "break" websites to reveal vulnerabilities without intent to cause harm. They also build systems that detect and eliminate security threats.

Basics of Web Development

Now we have defined web development, let’s review some of the basics of web development.

What is an IP address means?

Each device has an IP address to distinguish itself from the billions of websites and devices connected to the Internet.
HubSpot’s IP address is You can find the IP address of any website by visiting a site like Site24x7 or using Command Prompt on Windows or Network Utility > Traceroute on MacBooks. While you can access a website by using its IP address, most Internet users prefer to use a domain name or go through search engines.

What is HTTP?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) connects you and your website application to a remote server that hosts all the website data. It is a set of rules that defines how to send messages over the Internet.
When you type a website into your web browser or search for something through a search engine, HTTP provides a framework for clients (computers) and servers to communicate when they send requests and responses to each other over the Internet.

What does the front end mean?

The front end is the aspect of a website or software that you as an Internet user see and interact with. When website information is transferred from the server to the browser, front-end coding languages ​​allow the website to function without constantly “communicating” with the Net.
Front-end code allows users to interact with the website and play videos, expand or reduce images, highlight text, and more.

What does backward mean?

The backend is the side you don’t see when you use the Internet. It’s digital infrastructure, and to non-developers, it looks like a bunch of numbers, letters, and symbols.
There are more backend coding languages ​​than frontend languages. This is because browsers on the front end only understand HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but a server on the back end can be configured to understand any language.

Web development communities

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow was introduced about 15 years ago and has since become one of the most popular programming communities in the world. According to Jeff Atwood, Stack Overflow is for programmers, by programmers, with the ultimate intention of collectively increasing the knowledge of good programming in the world.”
Stack Overflow is a great place to go with questions because most of the time, other developers have asked and answered the same question. Stack Overflow’s forums keep you informed as well as connect with other developers.

Mozilla Development Network

The Mozilla Development Network (MDN) is known to be completer and more accurate than any other online resource. It’s not so much a community as a comprehensive documentation resource and library for coding languages.


It is incredibly interactive and includes people from all over the world.

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